23 August 2015

Father's Day Gift Ideas

One of the reasons I knew I'd marry the guy who was later to become my hubby was I knew that one day he would be a fantastic dad. That was years before I even contemplated kids and 2 years into this fatherhood gig, I'm reminded of just how right I was all those years ago. 

Father's Day is just around the corner {literally two weeks!} and if you're like me and completely unprepared, here are some gift ideas to let your partner or your dad know how much you appreciate him. Father's Day Gift Ideas

1. Trade Secret - Pop into your local Trade Secret store to check out a wide range of products for the men in your life. You'll find casual, work and formal clothing, underwear, accessories like ties, cufflinks and hats, shoes as well as superior brand cookware and homewares at prices up to 60% less than the store's competitors. I seriously love this store and rarely go longer than a couple of weeks without popping in for a browse and ultimately a purchase. Go in with the intention of buying your father's day gifts and don't forget to check out the other departments like ladies fashion, shoes and kidswear. #totalfangirl

2. Rise and Grind Print - kind of like one of those gifts that you bought your mum when you were in high school because you wanted it {for me it was the Mariah Carey Christmas album}. This would look fab perched near your coffee machine.

3. Tee Off drink bottle - my golf mad hubby would die if I got him the golf club membership he has been talking increasingly for months but if $1000ish is a little out of your budget, this drink bottle is a reasonable compromise right? Love that it has spots to hold your tees. I'm always finding those bloody things in the washing machine!

4. Remington Smart Edge Shaver - Beards and facial hair are so in but if you're like me and can't stand the process of your man shaving the traditional way {leaving the water running continuously and not cleaning up the basin afterwards}, why not think about an electric shaver? This model can be used with soap or cream, dry or even in the shower - hello clean shave - in both contexts of the word!

5. Bare Coffee - My favourite coffee can be purchased online and shipped directly to you. An affordable and tasty present option that not only benefits the man in your life.

6. Zilvi Dad Flags - Made by the amazing and generous Nik from Zilvi, these flags are the perfect idea as a gift from your kids to their dad. A bunch of options are available or design your own. Check out the other products on offer too. Nik is probably the hardest working and most passionate small business owner I've ever met and her products reflect that.

7. Apple Dock/Stereo/Clock Radio - something we definitely need in our house and one that charges all Apple devices. Fancy Schmancy features too like programmable snooze, gradual wake and sleep and custom sleep playlists. Very tempted.

8. Hangry Banner - along with man flu my man can and does get hangry. This is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek gift but a bit of fun to hang up in your kitchen or at your man's workplace.

What is on your gift list this year?

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