15 September 2015

Meet my friend George {Foreman} - Mix & Go Review

 A few years ago I probably would have called you a wanker {in my head} if I saw you drinking a green juice/smoothie. Now, you might call me that. I've discovered I'm one of those people who prefers to drink their greens rather than eat them. Ned is the same.

When my morning routine doesn't allow a leisurely hour for the two year old to finish his Weet Bix {usually because he is fixated on Yo Gabba Gabba or the like}, I grab my supplies and whiz him up a vitamin and nutrient packed juice. The George Foreman Mix & Go allows me to quickly {and more importantly, easily} whip up a juice and head out the door for a busy day ahead.

George is a permanent fixture on my kitchen bench now as I use him multiple times a week and his poor cousin, the blender, has been banished to the cupboard. I was initially sceptical of George's ability to whiz up my go-to juice recipe {frozen green apple, spinach, lebanese cucumber, lemon juice, mint and water} but the 300 watt motor and blades are powerful enough to blend ice and frozen fruit. In addition to that, it's simple to clean.

Basically you add your ingredients to the BPA-free bottle, screw on the blade and whizz. The multi-purpose bottle allows you to mix your juice or smoothie up, pop on the included lid and go - literally Mix and Go!

The Mix & Go is super affordable {under $40} and does exactly what I need it to.

A friend bought one after hearing about mine and says:
Loveeeee it! I use it twice a day if not more. And making all my sauces from scratch in it - it's amazinggggg.
For the price and functionality, you really can't beat it. You can buy the Mix & Go from a range of suppliers including Target, Myer and the Good Guys.

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