23 September 2015

Man's Best Friend, Really.

This post is in collaboration with Frontline Flea Treament

More than two years ago now I wrote this post voicing my concerns on how Rocky, our first born, would adapt to life with a new family member. 
Almost everyone we know has questioned how they think he will cope with the baby. We are thinking (and hoping) that he will happily play the 'protective, older brother' role and will not have even a tinge of jealousy but that is in the ideal world. Only time will tell I guess.
More than two years on, it's safe to say they are pretty close.

Ned graciously accepts licks, shares his food, and always wants to know if  'ocko comin?' Rocky graciously accepts said shared food, tolerates being sat on and ridden like a horse and has accepted the newest member to our family just as well as we hoped he would have.

Our family is without a doubt, a family of four. It's only a minor detail that one member of the family is a canine.

Another family that considers their dog as their first born 'child' are my friends Lisa and David. A couple of weeks ago a near tragedy happened when their two year old son was found face down in a dam on a friend's property. Their son's 'protective, older brother' {sister in this regard}, alerted David to the ensuing drama and is one of the main reasons gorgeous Alex has made a full recovery {timely and accurate CPR was administered on site}. Some insensitive people and cyber bullies have placed blame on the parents {easy going: YES, careless and negligent: NO WAY} and even made negative remarks on the staffordshire terrier breed's nature. These claims are completely unnecessary and a load of rubbish.

Some people may consider having a dog in a household with kids dangerous. I consider it a security measure. I bet Lisa and David do too.

Truly Man's. Best. Friend.

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