14 October 2015

Mama Essentials: Stain Removal

Vanish and the stains are gone they say.

I've long been a sceptic of these types of ads but continue to buy whichever new stain removal product promises to solve all my stain removal dilemmas. When I was recently sent some of the Vanish Gold products to try I sure wanted to find some challenging stains to test {not very hard with a two year old and a husband with the keeping-clean ability on par with aforementioned two year old.}

However ... 

I've long been labelled a lazy cook by my husband and I guess I wouldn't want to disappoint anyone by not also flying that lazy flag {proudly} in the laundry.

  • I rarely never sort colours and whites and yes, this has resulted in some of my husband's beloved golf shorts turning a nice shade of pink
  • I jam as much stuff into the washing machine as I can and then instantly regret that action when it comes to hanging the massive basket of clothes out to dry {we do not own a dryer} 
  • Wanting to fit as much in one load as possible is very de-motivating when that tune plays to signify the cycle has finished and often also results in some, or an entire load sitting in the machine for hours or even days slowly developing that lovely fermented wet smell. Cue subsequent {often more than one} washing of the stuff that was already clean 
Lazy me also had forgotten about the tried and true method of soaking for successful stain removal. Lazy me doesn't didn't have time for soaking. But lazy me realises that it can {but not always} work to get stains out.

Grab a cheapo plastic tub from Kmart, tip a good amount of Vanish into the tub {aint nobody got time for measurements {because lazy} and let soak.

The longer the better, but not too long because colour run can happen at this point too. 

Pretty impressed I've got to say! I will definitely be purchasing this product again especially when it's on sale.

*I was sent these products to try but was not paid for this post.

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