30 June 2016

What's a typical breakfast or lunch for you?

I was asked a couple of questions late last week which I couldn't answer.

Or didn't want to answer honestly.

A midwife was at our place checking the girls growth/Frankie's jaundice and asked how I personally was doing.

"Physically, excellent" I replied with a pause and then continued on ... "apart from the discomfort from a friend {or two} who welcomed themselves uninvited into my life late in my pregnancy."

The aforementioned questions revolved around what I would typically eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner on an average day to ascertain whether my food intake was appropriate for someone who now needs to ensure her diet is full of the good stuff, and not so full of the bad stuff.

Breakfast, answered half honestly would be a coffee ... or completely truthfully, two. Perhaps with a piece or two of Vegemite toast or a homemade green juice.

Lunch ... who even knows. Probably whatever caught my fancy at the Woolies or Coles bakery on the day {a sweet option more so than a savoury option}, crackers with vegemite or leftovers. Perhaps even another coffee or milkshake.

Clearly my diet is not aligned with someone with such a love and passion for fitness and sport and it's time to change that. I obviously favour dairy, carbs and sugar far too much {not to mention wine and caffeine} and need to increase my intake of fruit and vege, wholegrains and protein if I'm to minimise the impact that these unfortunate friends have on my life,

I'd love to hear your suggestions for tried and tested recipes, social media accounts to follow, meal planning/prep routines and even how you have improved your diet or implemented changes for the better in your life.

And no. I won't quit sugar. Or wine. Or coffee.

If I've been a little too cryptic, check out this post - although the new problem isn't identical , it's related and very common in pregnancy. Knowing this is a little comforting but doesn't make me feel any less disgusted especially because I'm basically prone to the condition for life. Sigh.

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