12 June 2016

Beaut Scooting with Globber

Keeping a super active two year old entertained all day is hard enough, let alone trying to encourage outdoor activity when you live somewhere full of hills, steep drops and general danger.

The purchase of our new home in the river side {flat} suburb of Maroochydore initiated my interest in sourcing out a bike or scooter suitable for Ned who turns three in August.

Enter Globber.

I was lucky enough to receive a scooter for Ned to try as well as an adult scooter for us to share to join in on the scooting fun and ever since we've received them Ned's request pretty much as soon as he gets out of bed is to 'do scooting Dad, come on'.

Ned's MyFREE Up which he has named Green Gecko is the perfect model for his age group and not having really scooted before he has picked it up amazingly well, impressing us with his technique and skill, and scaring me with his speed and risk taking. Luckily my heavily pregnant state excuses me from hours and hours of riding which also means he gets plenty of dad time in. This scooter is more expensive than your standard character scooter from Target but you can feel safe in the quality the extra expense delivers. The handle height is adjustable and is easily removed for transportation, it has an intuitive steering system {directional pivots or locked}, and there is a long and covered rear brake preserving the back wheel and saving your child's expensive shoes which they often initially use as the brake.

It took Ned a couple of rides to figure out the steering and the 'scoot, scoot, glide' technique but now there's no stopping him!

When our 18.0 by Kleefer scooter arrived both the husband and I didn't really know if we were cool enough {and whether the word 'cool' was actually even cool} to ride it. Again, the quality is top class but I won't pretend that I'm hip-to-the-jive {refer cool reference above} to know what I'm talking about specs-wise so you can read about that here. Instead, I'll tell you that just about every adult member of my family {including my 60+ year old parents} has ridden the scooter, AND enjoyed themselves without an accident to date. The scooter folds up neatly with an easy kick system and can be stored either at home or in the car, vertically or horizontally with ease.

Globber is a great option to investigate when thinking about purchasing a scooter and associated accessories and we LOVE ours here. I'd say in a couple of years we'll be adding a couple of more scooters to our collection {if these twins ever come!}

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