24 July 2017

Party of Five

Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim recently published a post expressing her heartache, disappointment and confusion about that question that plagues a lot of mums (and perhaps dads too).

When did you know you were done? 

After taking some time to fall pregnant after having Ned, hubby and I realised we were pretty content with just the one child, and then what felt like a moment later, we found out we were expecting twins.

While it may be controversial and I don't at all mean to be insensitive, I and we are SO done - emotionally as well as financially. 

My ovaries don't ache, I have no desire to cuddle newborn babies and I certainly don't ever daydream about 'just one more'. I actually physically shuddered the other day at the doctor's surgery after the twin's vaccinations at the sound of a newborn wailing and breathed a sigh of relief that that will never be us again. And to be honest, I'm positively terrified at the thought of having any more children.

Financially, we've reached our capacity too. I want to bring my kids up to lead a comfortable life just like my parents did for us and know that if we had any more kids it would challenge those ideals. 

Finally, relationship wise, I feel like all of my love and patience is dedicated to our offspring and trying to keep the ship sailing so to speak that I have little time or energy to place into our relationship as husband and wife. Just the other day the husband advised me that an hour after he'd got home from work I still hadn't said hello. And even when he was telling me that I'd practically ignored him, I still hadn't greeted him and instead was just barking orders at him to help me with getting the twins to bed. That isn't fair at all to him and that is why it wouldn't at all be fair to have any more children. 

Our party of five is just right.

Have you reached your number?

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