18 July 2017

Less Screen Time : Introducing Pop the Pig

It’s entirely our fault that we’ve created a bit of an iPad monster in the form of a slightly chubby, super cheeky and terribly smart nearly four year old. Newborn twins will do that to you. Two screaming babies and two adults left little time for a three year old craving attention, and we soon discovered that he was quite content with catching up on his fave shows via the ABC kids app. We then discovered the YouTube kids app and Ned fell in love and fascination with people reviewing toys, playing with those toys and even watching people from all over the world open kinder surprise eggs (do your kids do this too?!)

I won’t lie and say he doesn’t still get the iPad more than he probably should but we definitely try and limit his screen time by trying to move his focus to outside activities when time permits, or to age appropriate games and toys.

One of those toys that he selected on a visit to Kmart one day was Pop the Pig. I think letting your kids select a toy (within budget of course) is key in keeping them interested in it, not just on the day you take it home, but many weeks and years to come.
Pop the Pig involves a die and a set of numbered and coloured 'burgers' which are fed to Pig until he bursts. It is great for kids for both their number recognition and counting skills and so fun to play with them as the anticipation builds wondering who is going to literally pop the pig first.

The kids over at Talkin Toys can show you exactly how it works or you can get in on the action by winning one over on the Trainee Mama facebook page.

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