08 December 2013

Baby Wearing - Not Just for Hippies (BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Review)

I used to think 'baby wearing' was only for hippies but then I also used to think that stay-at-home mums had no excuse not to have a completely spotless house. My, how things have changed.

Living in such a beautiful place it would be criminal not to visit the beach as often as we can. Nearly every weekend we take our dog Rocky for a run at one of the dog beaches here on the sunshine coast.

It is however not as easy as it used to be now that we have our precious little man. I was recently sent the new BabyBjorn baby carrier one to review and am so grateful that I was given the opportunity. I have used the carrier before now but I would only put Ned in it if he was asleep as he didn't initially love being in it. I would recommend to others to start your baby in your carrier early so they get used to it rather than trying to introduce it a bit later. My persistence however seems to have paid off though as he loves it now. Instead of having to put him in it while he was asleep he now puts himself to sleep in it!

Trainee daddy finished work early on Friday and we headed to North Shore as a family for a walk. I strapped on my baby carrier one and off we went. We were down on the beach for around an hour and were lucky enough to see the sunset.

The baby carrier one is super comfortable and lightweight (I have the mesh style) meaning no sore back or shoulders (even after wearing it for over an hour) and is easy to take on and off. I'm trying to convince trainee daddy to try a bit of baby wearing but he hasn't come to the party ... yet. The One is fully (and easily) adjustable AND can be used for newborns right through until three years of age making it very economical. I love the piggyback style but we're a long way off using the carrier that way.

Next time I'm going to try taking Ned shopping in it - the freedom of having two hands free whilst shopping is not something I've been able to enjoy since Ned came along.

Thanks again to BabyBjorn - this is another product that trainee mama loves!

The Baby Carrier One is available from a large variety of online stockists and brick and mortar stores.

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