22 February 2014

Steal the Deal - Sunglass Hut 30 to 40% off offer

I decided a month or so before my birthday that I wanted new sunnies and set my heart on a pair of pradas after admiring a pair on one of the beautiful mama's in my mother's group. I tried the same ones that she had and they looked re-donk-a-donk on me but I wasn't phased and continued my search. I settled on these beauties and thought I'd get my sister to source them on her honeymoon in Hawaii. Turns out they are so-last-season in the U S of A and given the exchange rate, sunglasses as a whole weren't much cheaper. I then sort of did a backflip and thought there is no way I could justify spending $390 on a pair of sunglasses when I could get a good-old-reliable pair of raybans for less than half the price. So I went on a bit of a mission with my partner-in-crime miss katy potaty and decided that I would potentially get a pair of reflector-lens Maui Jims (although I wasn't fussed on the brand) or a pair of matt grey "Justin" ray bans.

Nothing was still decided on when I decided to do a search on instagram for #sunglasshutaustralia where I stumbled across a magical post - a snapshot of a 'family and friends' email offering 30% off when you buy one pair of sunglasses and wait for it ... 40% off when buying two or more. The offer is available in-store and online so I went instore and mentioned the 'email' and the shop assistant didn't seem phased (although apparently to use in-store they need to enter a special code) when I could not show her my copy of the email on my smart phone (quite simply because I didn't have one).

It would be criminal not to take advantage of the 40% offer, right? Yea, I thought you would agree. So I got my Prada's and a $99 pair of DKNY for under $300 (over $90 cheaper than the full price of the Prada's. The difference in price to get the extra pair? Twenty buckaroonies. Money well spent I say.
It probably would be easier to shop online if you want to take advantage of this very cool offer instead of pretending that you actually received an email. Use the code 'FAF' - free shipping and returns too.

Yours in bargain hunting (oh, and mummy business)

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