03 April 2014

Para'Kito Review and Giveaway

Do mozzies love you? They sure do love me and given we live in a quite 'tropical' area on the Sunshine Coast, I was more than happy to receive some products from Para'Kito to review. The Para'Kito brand offers a selection of products to aid in the prevention of mosquito (and other insect) bites and the resultant itching and irritation.

There are a range of products available depending on your needs including wrist bands (which aren't too ugly) and clips which you can attach to a backpack, pram or even the belt loops on your shorts or pants. They are a natural and eco-friendly repellent option and are safe for babies and pregnant women.

At a family BBQ last weekend we tried out both the wrist bands and clips and it seems they work a treat. These kids thought they were alright too (cousins Ned, Mila and Austin)

Poor mum usually is covered in bites/scabs and she can't stop raving about the products! I think she wants a lifetime supply. The only downfall in my opinion is the smell - it's quite strong but given the ingredient list, that is to be expected. Seven natural essential oils are used in the pellet which lasts for 15 consecutive days including lavender, geranium, citronella, pine tree. patchouli, clove and peppermint. I think this would be a perfect product to take travelling, especially to south east Asia where mosquitoes are abundant.

Para’Kito bands and clips are priced at RRP $24.95 and come with two refill pellets, which provide 24 hour protection for a total of 30 days.

Refill packs with two pellets are also available and priced at RRP $15.95.

The range is available at all good pharmacies and outdoor stores throughout Australia.

I have a pack of Para'Kito products up for grab including two wrist bands and clips and a refill pack. Leave a comment on this post or on facebook if you would like to enter. Entries close on Thursday 10 April at 5:00pm and the winner will be announced on facebook.

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