17 March 2015

Never Have I Ever: Gave my Kid the Food

Quite a few years ago before the thought of having kids even entered my mind we were in Rockhampton {Central Queensland}for my cousin's wedding. We had driven up in the car with mum and dad and were flying home. My cousin {the sister of the bride} was flying back on the same flight as us. Her then two-ish year old son was chucking a major tanty and basically doing the complete opposite of what his mum was asking him to do. People were starting to shoot dirty looks in our direction and even I felt a little embarrassed. Embarrassed selfishly a little for myself but mostly for my cousin and her husband. The only thing that would calm him down and keep him quiet was food. One mouthful after another.

And then some.

Considering our location and situation, the food was neither home made nor fresh. It was snack food. Probably not the ideal kind of food for a toddler. I sat there silently judging my poor helpless cousin whose only real choice was to let her son eat the chocolate or the biscuits or drink the milkshake. That, or risk being death-stared at, or even worse, confronted by the crowds of people who probably were sharing our journey back to Brisbane.

Hindsight is a bitch.
Dear cuz, I apologise for judging you and thinking quietly to myself that I would never soothe my child's tantrum by giving him what he wanted. And for thinking that no child of mine would ever cause a scene like that.
Apparently I didn't account for exactly what you had all those years ago in my five year plan. But I got it. Maybe even worse.

Whoever came up with the terrible twos obviously just liked the alliteration. They arrived many months before that milestone in this family.

Cherie from @raisingmastermax has started a fantastic hashtag on instagram - check out #capturethetantrum ... so easy to relate to and HILARIOUS!

Hint: I also give my kid food when he isn't chucking a tantrum just to keep him quiet and get some peace. Who knows if he is even hungry but hey, if it gets me another half an hour at the shops that is reward enough for me!

Did he get the biscuit? NO. He got two. Perhaps three. He won ... that time.

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