31 March 2015

Sunshine Coast Coffice Hangouts

You're probably thinking I'm one of those pathetic excuses for a blogger who can't string a paragraph together with the correct grammar and spelling right about now, aren't you?

You see, the term 'coffice' is not a spelling error. In fact, it's a new kind of buzz word which I describe as a place where you can get your shit done {work, that is, usually on a laptop or tablet}, and eat your cake too. That, or play Candy Crush, watch YouTube, or catch up on your favourite TV show all whilst conserving your precious megabytes.

Free Wifi, oh how I love you. 

I'm here to share places around the Sunshine Coast {and perhaps even beyond} where you can get a decent cuppa, milkshake or juice and perhaps even a yummy treat as well. I'm even willing to try lunch, breakfast and dinner options for you, all in the name of research, and providing what I believe is the first free wifi directory for Sunshine Coast residents and visitors.

Ultimately, I'm searching for places that won't look at you funny if you plonk yourself down with your laptop and stay for a couple of hours. I'll also report on menus, loyalty programs, tunes/ambience, kid/pooch friendliness, location and whatever else I think would be valuable.

Stay tuned folks! I'm excited for this one!

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