13 April 2015

Mama Lesson: The Car Keys

This post is in collaboration with Land Rover

If you've been reading along here for a while you might remember that one time that I left my phone on the roof of the car. And I learned a valuable lesson.

Last week saw me learn another, and far more important lesson when it comes to cars.

I left work cheerily on Wednesday afternoon excited for my Easter weekend to have started {one of the many benefits of working part-time}and a school night outing with Katy to the launch of a local monthly magazine.

I drove to mum and dad's and when I arrived, as I often do, I left the car keys in the driver side door pocket while I went inside to get Ned and Rocky.*

{insert hindsight moment number one here}

Ned was hastily strapped in to his car seat while Rocky jumped in excitedly. Doors were shut and I walked around to the driver side door to hop in and get home to prepare for my night out. Except the door wouldn't open.

Cue panic station. 

Rocky had stepped on a button near the gearstick which I didn't even know existed and locked himself, Ned and the keys inside. Surprisingly I didn't completely flip out and took a deep breath to think, what now? Dad raced out to his shed to grab old school breaking into car equipment {i.e. screwdriver and wire} whilst I searched for mobile locksmiths. While he was attempting to jimmy the door open I rang multiple businesses without much luck - either there weren't automobile locksmiths or they were unavailable for the next few hours. None of the men I talked to seemed too bothered that a baby was locked in the car which really surprised me.

We also only have the one set of keys and didn't bother getting a second set when we bought the car because we didn't want to outlay the $300ish it costs.

{insert hindsight moment number two here}

After about half an hour of no luck with either method and Ned's stress levels increasing I bit the bullet and rang RACQ as a non-member. The lady who answered the call took my request very seriously {read, emergency} and had two crews on the job. Given it was 5;00pm, traffic was a bit of an issue and it took approximately 20 minutes for the man to get to my parent's house. Just as he arrived, Rocky miraculously stepped on the unlock button and the car was open. Fifty-five minutes post Rocky stepping on the lock button.


Cue multiple oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD cries/cheers!

The guy from across the road knew the RACQ driver and I think I escaped without having to pay a call out fee.

Has this mama learned another lesson? No. She's learned two.

1) Purchase a second {and maybe even third} set of keys
2) Never leave the keys in the car EVER again

The day after this happened to me, a similar thing happened to Mez of Domestic Divinity. It's crazy how within the space of 24 hours my ideas that keys could not get locked inside a modern car were proven not once but twice!

Have you got a similar or related story? What sort of car do you drive, and what is your dream car? {Black Range Rover sport for me!}

* Grandparent care is a package deal for mum and dad - they get Ned and the dog.

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