20 April 2015

Mama Wardrobe | the 2015 edition

They say when you find a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly, buy at least two pairs.

I would do just that with these Mavi jeans except I bought them from an op shop. Seriously seven dollars of jean perfection that I bought, washed and then added to the pile of bottoms that only get to be worn for no more than about three months of the year. So I'd forgotten about them. Either that or they didn't fit when I bought them {a wishful purchase} and now they do!

Can we just talk about my Katies fashion coatigan too? Saw it, loved it and snagged it for a steal last winter. This winter I'm IN LOVE with the Waterfall Long line vest and will be keeping an eye out for a deal/sale so I can repeat last year's bargain buy.

What is your go-to jean brand?

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