15 June 2013


I'm slowly getting my head around what I need to pack to take to the hospital and one of the things I know I need to get but have been avoiding thinking about is maternity pads. Pads and me just don't get along. All I can think of is the horrible squish squish sound that we all have heard when a women is wearing a pad. And maternity pads, from my understanding are not bulky like the regular pads. No, they are much worse - borderline like you are wearing a nappy.

A new friend and I got on to the topic of pads and the like (you know as you do) and it was quite the hilarious conversation. She revealed that the word period is taboo in their household and is referred to as lady problems. Tampon is also a taboo word and lady products is the acceptable substitute. Her husband however will, and does buy said lady products.I can't see my husband getting familiar with the carefree, kotex and libra's of the world. Is your partner happy to help replenish or stock up your collection?

I was actually in my local Woolies the other day and managed to locate the sanitary product aisle (which thankfully I've had to avoid for the last seven months) and saw that a certain brand were on special. I thought I better bite the bullet and pick up a couple of packets. I hovered around for a bit, checked up and down the aisle to make sure there was noone that I knew nearby and selected two packets from the shelf . Why on earth did I act like that? I mean c'mon ... every lady that is in the supermarket has bought pads or tampons before so why is it an issue? And even though I know it's stupid, I left those two packets in that aisle because I didn't have a basket to put them in. Yeah, um, go figure. This thirty year old better grow up quick smart given baby is due in seven weeks!

In our house, the monthlies are affectionately know as the red dragon. Does your partner have a substitute name for your period/products?

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