28 February 2014

My Imperfect Life

My Imperfect Life

{The majority of us portray ourselves and our lives as wonderfully fantastic on social media - wonderfully fantastic things like beautiful outfits, cute babies, fancy food and the newest bestest nail polish on the market. I don't know about you but my life certainly isn't perfect and I'm here to prove it - baby tears, mummy tears, untidy houses, makeup free faces, natural hair, post-baby bodies and all sorts of normal}

I've got some pearlers this fortnight. I love the feedback I got on my facebook page last edition - readers loving and relating to my imperfection. It's nice to know I'm not the only one.

my hair has been falling out like a mo-fo - thank you pregnancy for these bald spots

 I was busy playing on my phone and forget that I had starting filling the sink up - yep I flooded the kitchen all to try and dominate candy crush level 275

left Ned a little grumpy in the cot and soon enough things were quiet - when I went to check on him was he thinking suicide would be a better option?

they say sleep when the baby sleeps so I did have a power nap - sign of a good nap? DROOL BABY

Steamed some cauliflower for Ned and left the saucepan unattended and boiled it dry. No chance in saving it unfortunately.

I could have been cleaning but instead I hired a movie and watched it while Ned slept

oops - forgotten food. YUCK

Things aren't always rosy.

I had coffee - he had a bottle. Then he spewed. 

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