09 February 2014

Six Months Young

Dearest Ned,

What a joyful six months it's been since you entered our lives (here you are just minutes old)
I am so amazingly in love with you and am only a little (okay a lot) frustrated that teething has really interfered with your (what was getting better) sleeping.
Two or more wake ups a night aside, you are such a clever and gorgeous boy. I can't take you out anywhere with a least one person commenting on how beautiful you are and you know what, I love it. You are on the small side (not yet even 7kgs) but have legs like tree trunks which support you so well when you stand up. You don't spend too much time on your back anymore - lying on your front and checking out the world is much more fun. You've also pretty much mastered sitting up and luckily so far we haven't had any accidents - but we've had some near misses! You also have figured out how to hold your bottle and sometimes (when you're not being lazy) even figure out how to tip it up.
You are loving your food and have had carrot, pumpkin, corn, pear, apple, peach and watermelon and have recently discovered greek yoghurt which seems to be a bit of a favourite. The weird thing is you don't like banana - even the banana flavoured rusks that I bought you. you would not have a bar of. I am still persevering with breastfeeding but most of the time good old Nan HA gold formula is supplying you with your vitamins and nutrients.
This week I hope to move you out of the portacot in our room and into your amazing Incy Interiors cot in your own room. We had a trial a couple of weeks ago but I caved in and brought you back into our room.

You love the water - the pool, the shower and splashing in the bath and we hope to start swimming lessons with you soon. Daddy is going to take you swimming (while mummy works on her tan).
You just love people but the way your eyes light up when you see Rocky just melts my heart.You really are going to be the best of friends.
Oh, you also seem to be a bit of a TV junkie. Play School is a firm favourite around here and I'm sure it's nice to hear someone else signing silling songs other than daddy and I.
I'm so looking forward to the many more fun times ahead. Love you my precious booba (I really should stop calling you that because you don't really respond much when your actual name is used - oops)

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