16 April 2014

Mama Uniform 4.0

Today's outfit was all about showcasing my fabulous new animal print cap from Seed. I also didn't really do anything today (the gym, washing, baby tending and supermarketing don't really count) so this actually could be defined as 'effort' ... yea, pretty lame definition of effort I know. I doubled up on the animal print today as I rocked a new Adidas animal print top with matching crop to the gym this morning. I love me some animal print.

Oh, and my smile was as wide as a slice of watermelon when I saw Nikki from Styling You included little ol me and my Trainee Mama blog in her weekly #everydaystyle wrap-up post on Friday.

Trainee Mama: Peta is based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast – my old home town. She’s a new mum and she may claim not to be a fashion or beauty blogger but I do love her fun sense of style. A style she’s had to re-work as she adapts to being a mum.

I promptly texted Miss Katy Potaty and here is the transcript for your reading pleasure ...

TM: Um excuse me but did you know I'm famous?
TM: Nikki featured me today!
KP: Whoa! Send me a screen shot!
KP: You are FAMOUS, babe! I can't believe it, my BFF is a celebrity blogger.

Okay, so that is untrue - I am certainly in no way, famous ... But yes, that SMS convo did actually happen.

top + wrangler jeans + sabre sunnies from Trade Secret | brand spankin' new Havi's | Seed cap

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